Our Story

4TOPS (1993 - Mark, Lany, Margriet and Serge) - initially specialized in creating Office business solutions for our customers. Using this experience we identified components and tools that can be used more generally which we sell online.

Our current focus is 4TOPS Document Creation using Microsoft Access, which makes it easy to produce documents from the Access database to Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint and Outlook email.

In addition, as specialist in VBA development, we developed an extensive set of VBA code generators and other coding tools. These have been published on our Code VBA website. There has been intensive work to perfect these products for about two decades and they have many enthusiasts.

We are in the Netherlands, Utrecht. We co-worked with other companies. We also have (limited) time for customization, let us know.

Enjoy our software, and let us know where it can be improved :)