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Save time and increase the productivity of you and your colleagues
4TOPS develops extensions and improvements to Microsoft OfficeŽ which solve the common tasks in business situations. Many of our solutions start from a Microsoft Access database. However when you use Access as the front-end to another database such as SharePoint, SQL-Server or Oracle you can benefit our extensions of Access too.

Tools extending and improving the functionality of Microsoft Office

4TOPS Mail Merge for Microsoft Access create documents from your database easily. It supports email, Word, Excel, PDF and OpenDocument format. Supports virtually any document creation requirement you may have for automating your office business process. Mailing List Assistant - when you have to send email to groups or lists regularly. Use for internal (memos, minutes, presentations, ...) and external (newsletter, distribution list, ...) purposes.
Import data from many ODBC data sources including Excel files in a controlled way by 4TOPS Excel Import Assistant (simple, only Excel) or 4TOPS Import Validate / Excel Import (advanced). 4TOPS Compare Spreadsheets - find all changes in two Excel or other spreadsheet files.

Access Developer Tools

4TOPS Query Tree Editor for MS Access - speeds up query development and testing. It includes sql templates and editor and dependency tool. The Help generator for Microsoft Access - integrate CHM help with your access database and produce documentation in Word or publish your help on your website. Code VBA - a set of 20+ VBA coding tools and code fragment library, also for use with Excel and Word.