Adding "Window" pulldown menu through code


Do you know how to build standard "Window" menu on-the-fly to have not only standard menu entries but the dynamically changing list of open windows?

I cannot build by VBA code "Window" pulldown menu which will automatically watch and display the list of open windows. The problem is that I cannot add built-in CommandBarControl with Id = 830 to pulldown menu.

Run this code and try to recreate the "Window" pulldown menu structure using VBA:

Sub Test()
    Dim mbr As CommandBar
    Dim cbr As CommandBarControl
    Dim ctl As CommandBarControl
    Set mbr = CommandBars("Menu Bar")
    Set cbr = mbr.Controls("Window")

    For Each ctl In cbr.Controls
        Debug.Print Format(ctl.Index, "00"); ctl.Id; ctl.Caption
End Sub

Probably I should use something like this example from MS Acess 97 online help (.Copy method) ?:

Function EnterNewName()
    CopyCommandBar "Menu Bar", "New Menu Bar"
End Function

Function CopyCommandBar(strOrigCBName As String, strNewCBName As String) As Boolean
    ' This procedure copies command bar named in strOrigCBName variable to new
    ' command bar named in strNewCBName variable.
    Dim cbrOriginal As CommandBar, intOrigCount As Integer
    Dim cbrCopy As CommandBar, cbrCtl As CommandBarControl

    On Error GoTo CBCopy_Err

    Set cbrOriginal = CommandBars(strOrigCBName)

    intOrigCount = cbrOriginal.Controls.Count
    Set cbrCopy = CommandBars.Add(strNewCBName)
    ' Make sure new command bar is visible.
    cbrCopy.Visible = True

    For Each cbrCtl In cbrOriginal.Controls
        cbrCtl.Copy cbrCopy
    Next cbrCtl
Exit Function

    MsgBox Err.Description
    Exit Function
End Function

Any other ideas ?

Answer (pending...)


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