TransferText - Multiple txt files simultaneously


I need to regularly move all text files from a directory into a database (Access97). All text files are exactly the same in specs and the data within needs to be appended to a single table. Is there a way to loop through all .txt files from a directory and run a TransferText that appends the data from each into the target table?



Here is one of the possible solutions:

  ' Assuming that *.txt files to import are in the same
  ' directory as the .mdb with this code and that
  ' table name is "tblTest" we get this
  ' quick template solution:

  Dim strTblName As String
  Dim strFullDBPath As String
  Dim strImpPath As String
  Dim strImpFileNameExt As String

  strTblName = "tblTest"
  strFullDBPath = CodeDb().Name
  strImpPath = Left(strFullDBPath, _
             Len(strFullDBPath) - Len(Dir(strFullDBPath)))
  strImpFileNameExt = Dir(strImpPath & "*.txt")
  While (strImpFileNameExt <> "")
    DoCmd.TransferText acImportDelim, , strTblName, _
          strImpPath & strImpFileNameExt, True
    Debug.Print strImpPath & strImpFileNameExt & " imported."
    strImpFileNameExt = Dir


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