Access 97: Help relinking Excel Tables


I use Access to link -MANY- Excel spreadsheets. I've used the Add-In "Linked Table Manager" to change the directory that the sheets are stored in -but- it doesn't seem to let you change the name of the "sheet" it's linked to.. :-/ I would like to edit these using VBA(since they're are so many), if it's possible.



I think you are right - you cannot "reattach" Excel sheets within Workbook - you can change the name of the "sheet" by only dropping old link and recreating it with new sheet name - SourceTableName is read-only
property of TableDef object stored in Tabledefs collection :( Don't forget to append '$' sign to the end of sheet's name when you link it through VBA.

Here is an example:

Dim dbs As Database
Dim tdef As TableDef
Dim strLink As String
Set dbs = CurrentDb()
' Delete old attachment
On Error Resume Next
dbs.TableDefs.Delete "Book1"
'Create new attachment   
Set tdef = dbs.CreateTableDef("Book1")
strLink = "Excel 5.0;DATABASE=C:\Book1.xls;"
tdef.Connect = strLink
tdef.SourceTableName = "Sheet2$"
dbs.TableDefs.Append tdef

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