Writing multilingual applications


I have to write multilingual aplication that will be used in Romanian, Russian and Chech language. All forms,inputs and reports must be in that language. I don't want to write 3 separate mdbs but only one where user can choose the language (Win 95/NT 4.0, Access 8.0). Any help?



Generally it's rather simple - just keep all the captions in special table(s) and do translation on-the-fly using the current value of global variable, say, gintCurrLanguageIndex. But there is a problem which solution is simple but I don't know why it works: - IMHO Access 97 keeps codepage code set in design mode for every control which have fontname property (datasheetfontname too). So if you design your forms/reports with English version of MS Access but have Romanian as a default system language you'd very probably get font problems when you run your app under Russian Win95/WinNT with Russian as default. me![controlname].fontname = me![controlname].fontname solves this problem (at least for me) - but you have to test all your possible production cases using small sample app before you go designing your forms/reports.

And another rule: use only english letters to name your forms, reports and modules.


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