Custom Add-in calling another custom Add-in


How do I call the addin form so it opens up in the current mdb just like regular addins do? For example: I'm working in XYZ.mdb and am using a form, frm123 from an addin called 123.mda. And I want to open a form called frmBingo from an addin called Bingo.mda. How?



This seems to be undocumented, but AFAIKR several days ago Michael Kaplan wrote about this trick in one of the microsoft.public.access.* newsgroups, namely he showed how Run is used to call autodialer in utility.mda:

Application.Run "utility.wlib_AutoDial", ""

The same trick can be used to solve (?) the subject:

Be careful with CurrentDB() refs in your .MDAs - probably you will have to change them to CodeDB()...

This is an interesting technique with a lot of other possible tricks which can be coded based on it but probably it's too tricky to be used in real apps/add-ins...

What can you say about that, Michael?


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