MS Access not closing

Unable to quit Microsoft Access

The problem is caused by code behind a subform which references a boolean control on the main form and evaluates it in an If Then statement as

If me.Parent!chkSomeCheckBox then

The resolution is to do the True/False comparison explicitly.

If me.Parent!chkSomeCheckBox = True then

1) Call the Close method for every object that supports it, and set to

set rs = nothing
set db = nothing

2) Close all text files that you Opened:

Close #1

3) Set to Nothing any global object references:

Set myobj = Forms!myform!myobj
Set myobj = Nothing

4) Change "." notation to "!" notation.

Me.TextBox3 -> Me!TextBox3

5) Use the Value property on boolean object references:

Forms!finalcheck2.Check51 -> Forms!finalcheck2.Check51.Value

For the MS view on the problem, see KB article Q164455.