Microsoft Access 2007 Service Pack 1 or higher compatibility issues

We distribute separate versions for Access 2007 with/without Service Packs. The reason for this is explained here. Microsoft Access 2007 has been significantly changed compared with Access 2003. A large part of Access was rewritten, so in a sense it was a 'version 1.0', which usually means it contains quite a lot of bugs. In January 2008, Microsoft released hotfix service patch SP1 for Microsoft Office 2007. This included SP1 for Microsoft Access 2007 and fixed a variety of issues. If you use Office Update or Microsoft Update, this service pack is automatically applied. Unfortunately the new version is not fully compatible with SP1 or higher. If you try to open a database created on a computer with Access 2007 SP1 on a computer without SP1, you get the error message: "The Visual Basic for Applications project in the database is corrupt:" A partial solution would be to distribute only databases and add-ins developed on PC's without SP1. However we have found that in the area of Office automation using databases and add-ins created on systems without SP1 do not work reliably on systems with Service Packs (and vice-versa). For that reason our policy is to distribute separate versions for with/without Service Pack 1 or higher.

To determine if SP1 is installed:

  1. Click the Office button (top left)
  2. Select "Access Options"
  3. Select "Resources" on the left border menu
  4. Press the "About" button
  5. If the top line mentions SP1 it is installed.
For more information on SP1: