How to create a Word directory using 4TOPS Mail Merge


This example shows how to create a mail merge directory template and process using the 4TOPS Mail Merge for Microsoft Access tools. Here we demonstrate the steps for making a telephone directory.

  1. Use the mail merge wizard to set up the process - no programming required
  2. Use the Template Designer to drag & drop the fields on your template
  3. Start using the mail merge process you created

Use the mail merge wizard to set up the process

You always need to have the database open with the form or datasheet you want to use the information from. (You should have already installed the Mail Merge Addin. If not see Installation and activation .)

1.1 Open the data source (table, query or form)

1.2 Start the Mail Merge wizard
1.2a Select the Mail Merge Ribbon

mail merge software situated on the ribbon

1.2.b Press the Word Mail Merge button

mail merge dialogscreen

1.3 Process

1.3.1 Give a name to the process. Here: Phonelist

1.3.2 Press Next  >.

mail merge dialogscreen

 2. Use the HTML Editor to drag & drop the fields on your template

2.1.1 In 'Give template filename' a proposal for the template name is given. We accept the default.

2.1.2 In 'Based on' you can browse to an already existing template. We do - we already have a sort of directory.

2.1.3 Pressing the 'Create'-button opens the Template Designer. On the left the possible fields, on the right some of the fields put in place. (drag and drop )

template designer

2.2 Close the Template Designer (save changes)

2.3 On the wizard, skip the following screens, don't check automatic file naming or logging.

mail merge dialogscreen

2.3.1 Press 'Finish'

The template and mail merge process have been created.

 Press 'Run' and evaluate the result with the selected data. OR  Press 'Open the Process Selection dialog' on the What's next dialog. For now Press ' I'm finished.'

mail merge dialogscreen

 3. Start using the mail merge process you createdd

 In the case of phone list the records has to be ordered alphabetical. Do this first in the datasource.

3.1.Now use the 'Existing' button on the Mail Merge ribbon (Access 2003: menu Mail Merge > Open...).

mail merge process selection dialogscreen

3.2. Press 'Run' to create the document with all recordss

directory, phonelist made with mailmerge

You see Page Breaks after each record. This is a property of the Mail merge process you can (de)select in the Process Designer.

mail merge designer placed on the ribbon

mail merge proces designer

Not quite satisfied? Further editing on the template is possible via Designers >Template Designer > "template name".  (MailMerge > Open > Edit.)