Mail merge Email -how to create a personalised newsletter to send to multiple contacts


This example shows step by step how to create a mail merge template and process for a personalised newsletter using the 4TOPS Mail Merge for Microsoft Access tools.

  1. Use the mail merge wizard to set up the process - no programming required
  2. Use the HTML Editor to drag & drop the fields on your template
  3. Start using the mail merge process you created

Use the mail merge wizard to set up the process

You always need to have the database open with the form or datasheet you want to use the information from. (You should have already installed the Mail Merge Addin. If not see Installation and activation.)

1.1 Open the data source (table, query or form)

1.2 Start the Mail Merge wizard
1.2.a Select the Mail Merge Ribbon
1.2.b Press the Word Mail Merge button

(Access 2003: on the Mail Merge menu: New > Email ... )

mail merge on the ribbon

This opens the Mail Merge Wizard with the tab 'Email' pre-selected.

mail merge selection form

1.3 Select a type of mail merge, as we are going to send a newsletter, to all adresses, we select 'email bulk'

1.4 Give a name to the process, here 'Newsletter' and press 'Next'.

 2. Use the HTML Editor to drag & drop the fields on your template

mail merge selection dialog

2.1 To whom will the email be sent.

2.1.2 What should go in the 'Subject' of the email. This field can use expressions, as here the string 'News on Caetshage for' combined with the database-field 'ContactName'.

2.1.3 Accept the default name of the template.

2.1.4 Select a file to base the new template on. In this example we already have a newsletter example.

2.1.5 Pressing [Edit template] (or [Create template]) opens the 4TOPS HTML editor.


2.2 Most of our example was made already, now we just place a field on the old place #Contactname#

2.2.1 Set the cursor at the position where you want to insert the field

2.2.2 Select from the menu: Items > [Field:ContactName].

2.3 Close the designer and (optional) press [Preview] in the wizard.

result email newsletter

2.4 Close the preview-email and skip the next two wizard pages ,[Next], [Next], (don't check automatic file naming or logging).

2.5 Press 'OK'

The template and email mail merge process have been created.

 3. Start using the mail merge process you created

process mail merge

3.1 Press 'Open the Process Selection dialog' on the What's next dialog. The next time you will be using the 'Existing' button on the Mail Merge ribbon (Access 2003: menu Mail Merge > Open...).

selection process mail merge

A progress bar appears showing the creation of all the emails, You can cancel the process any time.

mail merge processed

The emails appear one after the other open to be sent.

NB In the case of sending bulk-email actually there is no result to show as concerning newsletters, you don't want to see them and send them one by one. So pressing the button is send them away. The picture below is what you get if you, before running, select some of the records.

several email newsletters processed by mail merge

3.2 Change bulk email process from Display to Send

Obviously you don't want to click on the [send] button for 91 email. Therefore before starting to use this process you will change the email process SendMail activity the Send Method setting from Display to Send.

3.2a On the Mail Merge Ribbon, Select the Process Designer under Designers
3.2b Select the Bulk Email process
3.2c Select Sendmail activity
3.2d In the right panel, change the Send Method property from 'Display' to 'Send' process designer mail merge