How to create an email in HTML using 4TOPS Mail Merge

In this example we demonstrate the steps for making an email template with a HTML body and email mail merge process. The result can be used on a daily bases to send emails with custom content to individual or multiple recipients.

Create a contract in Word  

In this demo you see how to set up a Word mail merge. The result is a Word template, a contract, based on an old contract that is adapted to the new situation by the Template Editor. You also see it filled in with table-data.

1 . Use the mail merge wizard to set up the process

You always need to have the database open with the form or datasheet you want to use the information from. (You should have already installed the Mail Merge Addin. If not see Installation and connecting to your database.)

1.1 Open the data source (table, query or form)

mailmerge on the ribbon

1.2 Start the Mail Merge wizard

1.2.1 Select the Mail Merge Ribbon

1.2.2 Press the Email Mail Merge button

(Access 2003: on the Mail Merge menu: New > Email Mail Merge...)

mailmerge process selection

1.3 Define the process

1.3.1 Select 'Email HTML'. (Mail Merge >  New > Email HTML. ) 

1.3.2 Give a name to the process. Here: EmailInvitation

1.3.3 In case of a duplex form select if you want to iterate over the overview or the instance.

1.3.4 Press Next  >.

mail merge process

1.4 On this tab you compose the email.

1.4.1 Select the field containing the email address

1.4.2. Select a field containing some content for the subject line. This field also can have only text.

1.4.3 Create or use an existing template

You can
a. use an existing template - check this option and select the just one.
b. make a new template from scratch - give it a file name and press 'Create'
c. make a new template from (a copy of) an existing template - select a file as the starting point for the new one and press 'Create'.

Here we show c. make a new template from (a copy of) an existing template. After section 2 we will continue with the wizard (1.5)

2. Use the Template Designer to drag & drop the fields on your template

2. Now the Template Designer opens, edit whatever you want.

html editor  result made with html editor

The left picture is an existing template, loaded in the template designer because of selecting it in 'select a file to base on..'. The only features we want to keep are the style and the layout of the foot. The rest we just delete.

On the right: Then, place by 'drag and drop' the [fields] from the left side to the right.

It is important to have always the fieldnames spelled correctly.

1.5 Close the template designer and, in the wizard, press 'next'

1.6 Skip the following screens - Store and Log- don't check automatic file naming or logging.

mail merge process

1.7 Press 'OK'

3. Start using the mail merge process you created

mail merge run process

3.1. Press 'Run..' and evaluate the result with the selected data OR press 'Open the Process Selection dialog' on the What's next dialog. The next time you will be using the 'Existing' button on the Mail Merge ribbon (Access 2003: menu Mail Merge > Open...).

The resulting Email:

result personalised email invitation


Finally: you want to edit further on this result? This is possible via Mail Merge ribbon > Press Existing > Edit.

You can run this template on one, a couple or all records. Select the desired records in the form or table. Then in the Mail Merge ribbon > Press 'Existing'. Select the process you want and 'Run'.