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Listbox showing the available mailing lists. Select one to make it the current mailing list to work on.


Text editing area, see Prepare email.

New Mailing List

 Create a new mailing List. By default, it will create a Built in mailing list. To use your own tables, use Import or Attach Table V

Import or Attach Table

To use your own tables:

  1. select what you want from the Import or Attach Table V
  2. double-click on it, or press the New Mailing List button

Rename Mailing List

 Opens a dialog to let you change the name of the current mailing list.

Delete Mailing List

 Delete the current mailing List

Import or Attach Table

Opens form ImportBuiltIn to easily add records to the current Built-in table. Enter, Import or Past.


Opens form Settings: select features, enter license, SMTP.


Start Mail Merge process

All recipients

Start Mail Merge process





If you want an email to be sent to the recipients on the mailing list, you can choose to have a separate email created for each (To), or you can have 1 email created and the CC  or BCC filled from mailing list. When you use To, each recipient will have the impression that the email is sent to him individually. Using CC allows the recipient to reply to all users, which may be convenient in case you want an open discussion between members.

Saved Texts

Also called autotext, lets you pick up saved email bodies and signatures to use in the current mail. Select a Saves Text from the combo box and press Get Text


Save Text

Store saved text

Edit Saved Texts

Store saved text

Opens form SavedTexts


Combo box listing the fields in the current mailing list.

Insert Field

Insert Field inserts the selected field from the Fields combo box into the email text at the cursor position.

Subject line

Select and or edit the subject line of the email you will be sending.

Open Table with Subject lines

Opens table Subjectlines to add, edit or remove lines that will be frequently used.


Shows the attachments that have been selected. Multiple attachments are separated by ;.

To remove a selected attachment:

Select Attachment

Select attachment opens the file selection dialog.

Bottom pane tabs

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