Mailing List Assistant

Mailing List Assistant is a new product especially made for people who need to send email to groups or lists on a regular basis.

Business communication using email

The program can be used for both internal and external email communications.
Internal: agendas, minutes of meetings, reports, memos, presentations, invitations, plans.
External: newsletters, announcements, email marketing.

Keeping mailing lists

Creating and keeping mailing lists up to date has become much easier. Because the Mailing List Assistant is built in Microsoft Access you benefit from the many features available there for maintaining the lists (tables): entering data manually, copying data from other sources such as Excel using cut and past or importing using Import Wizards from Access, for example from Outlook contacts.

Creating emails, using email templates

Creating an email is the same as usual. Select the mailing list, type the subjectline and text, add attachments if any.
As a useful extra you can save your texts as templates so that next time you have to send a similar email you don't have to start from scratch. You can also select  the appropriate signature for the email you are about to send.

Determine access rights to mailing lists

If multiple users make use of the Mailing List Assistant, you may want to be able to restrict access.  The software allows you to define two types of users, administrator an normal users. Administrator users can create new mailing lists and manage user access. Normal users basically can only send emails using already created mailing lists. In addition to this rough devision, you can assign for each mailing list Users and Owners. If you specify Users, any user not mentioned in the list will not be able to use this mailing list. If you specify Owners, these users will also be allowed to make changes to the mailing list: add new recipients, edit or remove them. For more info see Determine access rights to mailing lists.

Limitations when used with older versions of Microsoft Office

To get full benifit of the software you should have Office 2007 installed.

Limitations with previous versions:

How to install the program and get started is explained in the Getting Started section.

The application's dialogs (forms) are explained in the Forms section.

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