Split mailing list database

(Not available if you only have Access 2000 or Access Runtime)

Splitting the Mailing List Assistant in two parts is considered good practice for the following reasons:

  1. You will not lose your built-in mailing lists when you install a new version of the software
  2. Improves stability of the software
  3. If you have multiple users, it may be helpful against Access messages like 'Access database allready in use'. To fix that, you would then add a copy of the 'front-end' on teach users PC.

Splitting the Mailing List Assistant gives two parts:

'front-end': the Mailing List Assistant software

'back-end: the mailing list data. By default the back-end would be called Mailinglist[xx]_be.mdb. You should include the _be file in your backup procedure.