Send email

See also: Send mail using Outlook or SMTP

Send to 1 or all

Choose the left or right fat button to send to current selected in the list or all recipients in the list.

To select a 'current' recipient to send to

  1. Put the cursor in the list
  2. Find the record (CTRL-F)
  3. The cursor now should end in the record of the recipient you want to send to.
  4. Press [Send to 1]

Display or Send

This option group is enabled in case mail is sent using MS Office Outlook only.

Select Display if you want to inspect, or change the email before sending it. This choice is obviously less suitable if there are many recipients, as it will open an email for each.

Send to the recipients To, CC or BCC

To use this feature, you first have to make it available in the Settings  form, tab Features :

  1. Press the [Settings] button . This opens the Settings form
  2. On the Features tab, check 'Allow sending to CC / BCC'
  3. Press [OK]

Above the Help button, a [To | CC | BCC] group box appears. 

Decide if mail will be sent to the recipients To, CC or BCC.

Use To if: