Personalize using fields in the mailing table

Personalization means that each recipient gets a separate email with slightly different content, the typical example being:

Dear [fullname], 

Make Personalization available

To use this feature, you first have to make it available in the Settings form, tab Features :

  1. Press the [Settings] button . This opens the Settings form
  2. On the Features tab, check 'Use Personalization: ...'
  3. Press [OK]

Below the Text editing area, a combo box appears containing fields in the mailing list, with an [Insert Field] button

Insert personalized field

  1. Set the cursor at the position in the text where you want the personalized text to appear.
  2. Select the field from the combo box. Note that the combo box shows all fields present in the mailing list table. 
  3. Press the [Insert Field] button

Personalization fields

With the Built in mailing lists, personalization is limited to the [fullname] field. If you want more fields, you will use either Linked table mailing lists or Imported table mailing lists and make sure the additional fields required are available in them.