Determine access rights to mailing lists

If multiple users make use of the Mailing List Assistant, you may want to be able to restrict access.  The software allows you to define two types of users, administrator an normal users.

Manage users

Information on users is stored in the table on the Users tab on the Settings form. In this table you can add, remove and change users, including thier passwords.

Login - users and password

On initial use of the software, no login dialog appears. Once users have been added,  the login dialog appears asking to enter Name and Password. When you enter these, the software will know what your status is - administrator or normal users - and which mailing lists you may access, to send emails or to make changes to the recipients list.


Administrator users can create new mailing lists and manage user access. They have access to all features in the software:

Whether a user is an administrator can be set in the Settings form Users tab. By default each new  user is administrator. To make him a normal user, remove the check in the IsAdmin field.

Normal users

Normal users basically can only send emails using already created mailing lists. In addition to this rough devision, you can assign for each mailing list Users and Owners. If you specify Users, any user not mentioned in the list will not be able to use this mailing list. If you specify Owners, these users will also be allowed to make changes to the mailing list: add new recipients, edit or remove them.