Creating combined mailing lists

To create a combined mailing list:

  1. Create new built in mailing list  ,
  2. Switch to tab Lists
  3. Replace the BuiltInList string in the Table field of the new mailing list record by a string containing the names of the mailing lists, separated by a comma (e.g. list 1, list2, mylist 3).

Tip: when entering mailing lists in the Table field, you may have problems seeing th whole string. To fix this, either

  1. You may change the Table field column width, or
  2. It may be easier if you use Notepad to copy the names of the mailing lists to construct the string if it is very long.

After switching back to the Mailing list tab, you should see the new combined mailing list. If not, refresh it by switching to another list and back.

Note: email addresses may appear duplicate in the combined mailing list if present in multiple lists. However, when sending, duplicates are automatically removed.