Create new mailing list

If you want to create a new mailing list, you first have to ask yourself if you want to use the Built-in mailing lists, or use tables of your own.

  1. Using Built-in mailing lists allows you to manage email addresses and recipients conveniently in case the same person/email address appears in multiple lists.
  2. Using imported tables creates a new table in Access. If the original data is contained in Excel or csv, this may be more convenient than using linked tables because you can make changes directly to the mailing list data from the Mailing List tab.
  3. Using linked tables can be convenient if someone delivers a new version of the mailing list data, for example a list in Excel. Another advantage is that you have more control on personalization because you can add fields of your own.
  4. Creating combined mailing lists.

Custom mailing fields

2. imported tables and 3. linked tables both allow defining custom mailing fields. See Personalize using fields in the mailing table

Create new mailing list using Built-in mailing lists

  1. Press the [New Mailing list] button
  2. Give a distinctive name to the list
  3. Add email addresses to built-in mailing list 

Create new mailing list using Linked or Imported table mailing lists

If you have not done so yet, enable Linked or Imported table mailing lists on form Settings combo box 'Select the type(s) of Mailing List you want to use'

  1. Click on the right v of  
  2. Select the type you are interested in (Access 2000-2003: Import/Link, Access 2007: Excel,...). Depending on your choice the appropriate Access wizard appears.
  3. Press the [New Mailing list] button (left of v) or double-click in the listbox
  4. Follow the wizard instruction. After finishing the name of the table will appear in the mailing lists list box.
  5. Press the Rename button of you want to give the list a more appropriate name.