Mailing List Assistant

Send email, manage lists                  

Use Mailing List Assistant if you need to send email to groups or lists on a regular basis.
Internal communications: agendas, minutes of meetings, reports, memos, presentations, invitations, plans.
External communications: newsletters, announcements, direct email.

Keeping mailing lists

Creating and keeping mailing lists up to date has become much easier. Because the Mailing List Assistant is built in Microsoft® Access® you benefit from the many features available there for maintaining the lists (tables): entering data manually, copying data from other sources such as Microsoft® Excel® using cut and past or importing using Import Wizards from Access, for example from Outlook contacts.

Creating emails, using email templates

Creating an email is the same as usual. Select the mailing list, type the subject line and text, add attachments if any.
As a useful extra you can save your texts as templates so that next time you have to send a similar email you don't have to start from scratch. You can also select the appropriate signature for the email you are about to send.

Familiar interface, easy to use

Mailing List Assistant builds on Microsoft® Windows® and Microsoft® Office®. Emails are sent through Microsoft® Outlook® or SMTP. The Mailing List Assistant is a Microsoft Access application.

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  • Manage multiple mailing lists, easily change email address in multiple lists, or change the lists in which a person is included.
  • Send mail using Office Outlook or SMTP
  • Create HTML or plain text emails
  • Personalize the emails using any fields included in your mailing table. You can even use Microsoft® Access® queries to combine information from different (linked) tables.
  • Use 'Saved texts' for repeated use. No need to retype texts
  • Send multiple attachments
  • Easily select from a set of signatures
  • Keeps a log of the mailings that have been sent (list, sender, data, subject)
  • Store data in Access or in a linked data source (Excel, csv, ODBC,...)
  • Multiuser application. Works on a Windows PC, Desktop, Laptop or Server
  • Member database stays private and secure
  • No Subscription or Recurring Fees required

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