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Microsoft Office 2000-2013 32-bit, mdb, accdb, adp and SharePoint. Supports Windows XP, Vista, W7, Windows 8.

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4TOPS Mail Merge for Microsoft Access

overview of applications and documents you can use with mailmergeYou want to use the data stored in Microsoft Access in all kinds of documents easily without retyping. Use 4TOPS Mail Merge for Microsoft Access to create both simple and complex documents: personalised emails, letters, quotations, invoices, contracts, surveys, reports and audits, well integrated with your Access application. Create Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, email, PDF documents. Mail Merge for Microsoft Access is used by both Access users and by professional Access developers.

Examples how to work with Mail Merge

download mail merge


Example: email mail merge with attachment

email mail merge with attachment- result

Using just the mail merge wizard you can create the above personalised email with attached document.

Mail Merge OpenDocument odf

From Office 2007 Service Pack 2 onwards, the Open Office compatible OpenDocument odf format is supported in 4TOPS Mail Merge, allowing you to make odt text documents and and ods spreadsheets from your MS Access database.