Picking up values from individual cells in the excel file

(Excel Import only)

After Selecting a table in the Excel file by making it a Linked Table and selection of the Destination Table you will be able to pick up individual cells (as with Match Source to Destination fields).

You will be doing this on the Select Destination Table(s) tab.

  1. In the Source column, click in the cell on the row you want to set a value for

  1. In the popup select <Select Cell>

This opens the Excel file and an input box

  1. click on a cell you want to pick up the value from, and press OK 

The Excel file closes,

When Importing multiple Excel files, for each file Excel Import:

  1. obtains the values from the cells specified in Source using automation - followed by
  2. processes the records in the Excel (linked) table
Importing Excel files