4TOPS Import and Validate

4TOPS Import and Validate is used to import data from one data source (database or file) into one or more tables. It can be used to import and transform data from one database into another. The source and destination database can be MS Access or using linked tables any database such as SQL server or another ODBC database. Excel files can also be used as input / datasource, but not as destination.

4TOPS Import and Validate offers an alternative to working with queries or the Import wizards included with MS Access to achieve the same objective.

Import and Validate benefits are:

  1. it can handle situations where queries (partially) and other ways to import fail

  2. allows record by record verification of input data

  3. lets you correct records before they get added
  4. shows which fields contain errors and what change to individual fields data is required

If you wonder why using other approaches are not just as good:

Example Imports:

How to install the program and get started is explained in the Getting Started section.

For any questions please refer to http://www.4tops.com

For any suggestions contact M. Uildriks