Update and insert queries - good enough?

The simplest way to transfer data from a source table to a destination table is using queries. This works perfect in many cases, but fails quite often too.

The sections below show three cases in which you will choose to use 4TOPS Import and Validate instead of queries.

Microsoft Office Access set 0 field(s) to Null due to a type conversion
failure, and didn't add 100 record(s) to the table due to key violations, 0
record(s) due to lock violations, and 0 record(s) due to validation rule

You can do this using two queries, one Insert, and one Update. However when running the insert it will come with the above message and again you will not know which record failed and why. Possibly it was just the record already exists / duplicate keys... 4TOPS Import and Validate let's you process all records in one import, knows by itself if it has to add or do an update and again stops when there needs a value to be changed by you.

If you need to create records in tables with a parent and child relationship and auto number key, this can hardly be done using queries. With 4TOPS Import and Validate you can do this, because in the import specification you can state that the the auto number created in the parent must be added to the child.

4TOPS Import and Validate Introduction