Setting up an Import Database

Arguably the best way to use 4TOPS Import and Validate is to create a separate Import Database. The Import Database has linked tables both for the Source database and the Destination database.

Source database: the database containing the data you want to import

Destination database: the database you want to import the data into

Import Database: a database in MS Access from which you will be using the Import and Validate software.

You can do Destination database = Import Database, but that way you will be making changes to your Access database application, which you will normally try to avoid.



Your Import database (subsystem) in Microsoft Access will contain

  1. Linked tables to the Source and Destination database tables
  2. 4TOPS Import Validate as the user interface (importvalidate.mde)
  3. Insert and Update Queries - which can play a role as complete steps in the import process (see Update and insert queries - good enough?), or supporting 4TOPS Import Validate
  4. VBA code for import conversions or validations

Getting Started: Set up an Import database

  1. Create a new Import database in Microsoft Access - or use MyImports.mdb, or a copy, which is already set up correctly.
  2. Add tables for Source, Destination and Lookup (supporting) tables.
  3. Start setting up an Import
Tutorials on how to work with Import and Validate