Importing multiple Excel files

After selecting a table in the Excel file by making it a Linked Table, a list box appears showing the selected filename, and buttons to Add and Remove file from list.

To import multiple Excel files with the same layout into the same Destination Table, add the files. When Running an Import, the files will be imported one after another, starting with the file located at the top of the list. After completing the import of a file, it is removed from the list, except for the last file. The reason the last file is kept is that we want to keep the linked table linked to an excel file.

Adding files to the list

Clicking the [Select files to import] button  opens a file browser dialog, which allows you to select any of the Excel Files (*.xls;*.xlsx;*.xlsm;*.xlsb) The last 3 only if your Import database is in Access 2007 format. To select multiple files, use Shift-Click or Control-Click. Press Ok adds the selected files to the list box.

Removing files from the list

Click the file in the list box which you want to remove. To select multiple files, use Shift-Click or Control-Click. To remove the selected file(s) press the [Remove file from list] button

Importing Excel files