Import Failed / Skipped Records

If a record can't be added because Import and Validate detects that it contains one or more fields with data that don't satisfy the constraints set for the fields of the destination table, then Add Record will fail. If you specified Progress Fields in the Source table during the Import Setup, then you will be able to track failed records.

Fix source records that failed to import

You can move to [Input] tab to find the Source records that failed. If the WhenProcessed field is not empty, this indicates the record has been processed. If the ProcessedOK field contains 0 or OK, the record was processed successfully. If it contains a numeric value or error text, then you will have to fix the value in the the appropriate field(s).

Reimport the failed records

After having fixed the failed records, you will have to try again to import. If there are just a few fixes you can remember easily, and the dataset , then you can go to the [Import] tab, move to each record and press [Process Record].

A better way for larger data sources

f your Source table contains many records, then do the following

  1. With each changed record, clear the WhenProcessed field. This signals that you consider this record to be processed.
  2. Write a query that picks up from the source table only records with the WhenProcessed field empty
  3. Switch to the [Select Source Table] tab and select the newly created query as the source, e.g.:
SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE WhenProcessed Is Null;

4.   If you go back  [Input] tab you will see only a part of the original table's records show up: the ones which have an empty WhenProcessed field.

5.   Switch to the [Import] tab and start processing.

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