Add records using Import and Validate

This tutorial shows how to create an import to add new products from a supplier to the Products table.

It can be found in the MyImport demo database:  Start > All Programs > Import and Validate > MyImports.mdb

New Import - Name and Purpose

  1. start New Import - Name and Purpose 
  2. Enter the name Add New Products
  3. Select in group box 'Purpose of import' > 'Add: new records are added to the destination table'
  4. Press [OK]

In the Import an Validate form the Select Source Table tab gets focus.

Select Source Table

  1. In the combo box 'Select Source Table or Query', select the NewProducts table. The source contains the records to be imported

After selecting the source table, the Select Destination Table tab gets focus.

Select Destination Table(s) 

We now want to select the Destination Table, in our case table Products.  The reason there is a button instead of a selection combo box is that it is possible to distribute the Source records data over multiple destination records.

  1. Press button [Add destination table ...]

The [Select Destination Table] dialog appears

  1. Select the Products table.
  2. Press OK

In the transfer pane, an initial matching is done of Source and Destination fields.

Difficult to miss is the orange bar in the SupplierID row. The orange bar indicates there is something wrong with the value that would go into that field.  The reason here is simply that a value is required for SupplierID. This can be seen of you switch to the [Start Import]tab and look at the yellow [Comments] text box. If you open table Products in design mode you will see field SupplierID has property Required = Yes. CategoryID does not turn orange because it is not a required field.

  1. Put in a valid SupplierID in the Source field, let's say 10 (a value picked up from the Supplier table)

The orange bar disappears - you will be able to import the records now.

  1. Switch to [Start Import]tab
  2. Press [Process Record] button to import the current record, or [Process All Records]to import all records in 1 go

 Notice the progress bar and counters.

[ 8 ]: 8 records to process

[ 0 ]: 0 records processed successfully

[ 0 ]: 0 records failed

Example Imports