Selecting a table in the Excel file by making it a Linked Table

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In many cases, you will want to import multiple records from an Excel table. Excel Import relies on Linked tables to pick up the data from these tables:

  1. After Start Import and Validate > New Import - Name and Purpose, in Select Source Table, choose <Import or Link Table>
  2. In the popup, select Excel and (double-click Excel or) press [Start Wizard].
  3. Select radio 'Link to the data source by creating a linked table'
  4. Browse to select the file you want to import from
  5. Select the worksheet the table is located in
  6. Set check indicating the first row is header - or not.
  7. Give a suitable Linked Table Name and press Finish

If all's will, the new table will appear in the Source combo box*. Additionally, a listbox appears showing the selected file name, and buttons to Add and Remove file from list, and change the table range.

If you switch to View Input tab, you will see the Excel table data to be imported

* or else you may get the message: Microsoft Office Access does not support linking to an Access database or Microsoft Office Excel workbook saved in a format that is a later version than the current database format (click the link to read more).

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