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Supports Microsoft Office 2000 - 2010. Windows 7, Vista® and Windows XP.


4TOPS Excel Import  

Excel Import helps you import Excel data into your database.

  • Add and/or replace (merge) data
  • Ability to import multiple files in a batch
  • Import from table and individual cells
  • Import multiple worksheets in one file

The software uses Microsoft® Access® to connect to both the source data and the destination database. So it is necessarily you have Access installed. Use the wizard to set up the import easily.

This product replaces 4TOPS Excel to Access Import Assistant.

Data Validation

  • Add or Replace, depending on whether the record already exists or not.
  • The new values are compared with the old during the import. The changes are identified.
  • Interact with the data during the import session to correct errors or to add missing information.
  • The system diagnoses which field prevents importing a record, you can fix values directly on screen. Field matching problems as not corresponding types, referential integrity, in general the reasons why update queries fail.
  • Has a 'Continue if errors' checkbox. Catch records that fail to import during the import, know why, fix and re import.

access excel import

Complex imports

  • Convert the imported values using lookup or custom written functions (VBA)
  • Record by record or batch imports
  • Add records in parent / child relation, e.g. Order with Order lines.
  • Change and extend Import specifications whenever needed
  • Improved speed
  • Import log: see which imports were done when, by whom and how many records were processed.


For any questions or requests concerning this product or to all other 4TOPS products please contact support@4tops.com.

Excel Import Assistent für Microsoft Access