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Brief Description

4TOPS Compare Spreadsheets: find differences in values or formulas between worksheets or Excel or other spreadsheet files. Easy to use and clearly reports (analysis and visualization) where and what the differences are.

Quick Details

4TOPS Compare Excel can be used with Excel 2000 - 2019 32 and 64 bits.

  .exe (standard, also usable with Office 64-bit version) .exe (ActiveX, NOT usable with Office 64-bit version) .zip
Filename 4txlcomp.exe 4txlcomp-ax.exe
Version 3.2 3.2 3.2
Date published 20oct19 20oct19 20oct19
Size 1.828kb 1.837kb 1.780kb

Instructions for use:

4TOPS Compare Excel Files can either be installed from .exe or from .zip.

Installing from standard .exe has the advantage that the program is made available from Start > All Programs.

Installing from ActiveX .exe you can also use it to automate running the comparison from a Visual Basic program or Office Macro (e.g. Excel). Requires extra actions when installing under VISTA and Windows 7 and 8.

Installing from .zip is useful if your company does not allow you to run the setup program or make changes to the registry. The limitation is you will not be able to use it through ActiveX automation. Also you will not be able to start the program from the Programs group.

Activex .exe with VISTA

In order to run our ActiveX version it is necessary that necessary information is written into the register. For that it is needed to set Privelege Level "Run this program as an administrator" for xlcompare.exe run xlcompare.exe and choose Allow. This first launch will create a necessary key in the registry. Afterwards Privelege Level "Run this program as an administrator" can be set off and then the dialog Cancel - Allow must not appear while launch.

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