Create and optionally send an email
Name Property Description
Description Text used to uniquely identify the activity
InputDocumentName The document to be used as body (if any!), output of another activity, usually mail merge
To A string that lists the people to whom to send the message. These can be unresolved names and aliases in an e-mail phone book or full e-mail addresses. Separate multiple recipients with a semicolon (;). If left blank and ShowMessage is False, you will receive an error message and the message will not be sent.
CC A string that lists the people to send a copy of the message to.
BCC A string that lists the people to send a copy of the message to. The recipients will not be able to see each others names
Subject A string for the subject of the message.
Body The body of the email. Can be the name of a control it picks up the value from (Field:...] or a HTML or plain text
SendMethod What to do with the email that was created: Send it instantly, put it in Draft or open it (Display)
MailApplication If Default uses the first of Outlook, GroupWise or CDO which is found installed
SMTPServer (CDO only) something like ''
SMTPServerPort (CDO only) Default 25
SendUsername (CDO only)
SendPassword (CDO only)
From (CDO only) that which will appear in the From field of the email