Files included with Access Mail Merge

4TOPS Mail Merge for Microsoft Access includes the following files and folders:

accessmailmerge.mde the library being referenced from your database. This adds the advanced mail merge features to your MS Access application.
accessmailmergedemo.mdb shows you what can be done
templatedesigner.exe this program gives you a drag and drop user interface from the xml that describes the data source (your table or form) on to your template.
processdesigner.exe lets you make changes to and extend process and activity definitions.
htmleditor.exe a small HTML editor to edit the email body
*_processes_redirect.txt stores file location of *_processes.xml
*_processes.xml Access Mail Merge configuration file: processes, databases , data sources, activities, options, licenses, users.
actlog.txt activation log - used to solve problems with activation of Access Mail Merge in your database.
modMailmergeWrapper.bas is inserted in the user's database during activation. Wrapper for the menu calls.
folder icons icons used in Process Designer
folder Templates default folder to store templates (can be changed in Process Options); also containing templates used with accessmailmergedemo.mdb example envelope template example labels template
dsoframer.ocx used by Template Designer
Messages.xml message strings
sys.mdw is used for reading of the system table by Process Designer to get the list of objects in the user's database.
TemplateDesigner.chm Template Designer help file
ProcessDesigner.chm Process Designer help file
*.exe.manifest describes dependencies, reg-free com