Mail Merge Wizard - Log

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It often is convenient to have details of every document you created or email you sent logged in your database. The Log tab lets you specify what values to write to a choosen log table, or to fields on the form. Writing the created document to a hyperlink field allows you to open the relevant document directly from your database, turning it into a document management system. Or making a log of the mailings you have sent. There are many situations you will find having records of what was done useful.

Create a log record

You may first have to define such table in your database as it often is not present. An easy way to do this is to press the [Create table] button next to the Select Table combo box. This will open the Create table dialog. Typically, log data concerns:

Set Field Value expressions

To set a Field Value expression

  1. Select the field
  2. create (select or type) the Value expression
  3. press Add


Update datasource

The alternative creating a record in a separate table with each mail merge process run is to update the data source. By this we mean the current record on the active form or datasheet. For example if you have an invoice record, you could have a hyperlink field which gets filled with the invoice file when it is created. The way to implement 'Update data source' is essentially the same as with 'Create a log record'

Set how many log records to create


Create a Log record / Update datasource


Table into which records will be added (one for each record that has been processed)

Create table

Opens Create table dialog. This lets you easily set up a table to store info on your documents. When the table is created, or selected, the most important Field Value expressions are automatically added to the list on log tab, including a proposal for filling the Hyperlink field if the Store tab was set.


Select a field in the table in which you want to have a value added.


Expression that determines the value to be given to the selected field.

Field Values

Lists all expressions that determine the values given to fields when a log record is created.


Adds an expression to the Field Values list corresponding to the current Field and Value.


Opens a dialog with the selected expression from the Field Values list - to edit it.


Removes the selected expression from the Field Values list