The Mail Merge Wizard


The Mail Merge Wizard makes it easy to define a Mail Merge process and template to be used multiple times (a Saved Process). It has been designed to only ask questions which are relevant to your situation. The Mail Merge Wizard lets you consider only the most important subset of choices available to you for defining the process. This should be good enough for the majority of use cases. Additional choices are available after using the wizard from the Process Designer.

Definition: A process consists of a sequence of activities to be applied on one or more selected records. Activities are distinct process steps such as creating a document thru Mail Merge, Saving it (Store), sending an email, etcetera. Saved Processes are started from the Mail Merge Selection dialog or from a Mail Merge Button   or Mail Merge List on one of your Forms.

Check Creating saved mail merge processes to see how to use the wizard to create different types of documents.

Tabs on the wizard appear depending on what features you selected on the first (Process) tab: