Email with Attachments

Create an Email with a PDF invoice attached  

In this demo you see how to set up an email mail merge. Starting point is a form, the result is a pdf invoice (already existed as Wordtemplate and made PDF), attached to an email (already existed). You also see the automatic file naming and storing.

This process is basically the same as described in Creating an HTML Email. The only difference is on the Process tab you select 'Email with attachment', and you have to specify the attachments on the Attachments tab. This is described here.

Add one or more attachments to the email. You can specify multiple attachments using expressions that can be resolved while running a mail merge process. In the screenshot you see an attachment expression, with a 2nd about to be added.

1. Select a file or construct one dynamically using Expressions

2. Press [Add] to include it as expression.

[SelectFile] lets you decide which file to include when running saved mail merge processes. SelectFileOnce will ask only once if you run the process on multiple records.

email add attachments