Distributing your Access database with Access Mail Merge

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Single user

As you may have noticed with accessmailmergedemo.mdb the distributing the combination of your Access database with Access Mail Merge involves nothing more than zipping the folder and unzipping it at the destination. This works without problems under condition that

Multi user Access database

Generally is considered good practice to split an Access database. For one reason, it reduces the chance of the database getting corrupt. The backend contains the data, The front-end the application (forms, queries,...).

Same copy of Front-end shared by multiple users

If your network is not slow then this is an option which makes taking in production of a new version of the front-end easy. In this scenario you can work as described under Single User, the only difference being the database is split.

Separate copy of Front-end for each user

Keep library with the front-end

In this scenario you should make sure the processes definition file is put next to the backend database (is shared). You will use the file [yourdatabase]_processes_redirect.txt to tell the Mail Merge library where processes definition file [yourdatabase]_processes.xml is located. You can choose either to simply keep the Tools folder with the front-end or put it in a shared folder. You will probably want to specify a shared folder where you keep the templates. 

  1. Mail Merge > Tools  > Process Designer
  2. PD > Tools > Options
  3. Select group File Locations > Templates

Library NOT with the front-end

This works the same way as above, the difference however is that you additionally will have to change the reference of the Front-end to the Libraries new location:

  1. Open the Front-end
  2. Open a module
  3. Tools > References
  4. Remove current reference to accessmailmerge.mde
  5. Browse to its new location (make sure you set Type to MDE!)