Demo Database

The best way to explore the possibilities of Mail Merge for Microsoft Access is by working from the Demo Database accessmailmergedemo.mdb. Note that this database also has a Tutorial menu which gives fast access to the relevant section in the Help file. The Demo Database shows many important Access Mail Merge features:

Note: accessmailmergedemo.mdb already has Mail Merge activated, so you can skip Installation and activation.

This is not a CRM / Invoicing / Contracts system

Yes, you could easily make such systems using our Access Mail Merge library. We just added some forms from such applications as an example to show it can be done. Access really is perfect for such department level solutions which can be made much easier, much more user friendly  and more economical than buying and subsequent expensive customization of CRM/ERP systems.

In addition we took the liberty to show some nice techniques, such as the use of a generic split form, the use of search combo boxes and subforms.