Creating Envelopes

Creating Envelopes works differently from the other type of documents. The reason for this is we decided not to make our own Envelope designer. Such a tool is already available in Word and we did not see the value of duplicating that effort. A consequence is you first have to create an (empty) Envelope document in Word, which you subsequently use in the Mail Merge Wizard to fill the 'Based On' field.

1. Create Envelope document in Word

Note: step 1. is only required if you have not previously created a document with matching envelope settings. If you already have that, continue with 2.

1.1 Open Word

1.2 Tools > Letters and Mailings > Envelopes and Labels  

Important: do not select Delivery and Return Address here! That is done in Template Designer at the end of 2.

1.3 Press 'Options' to open the Envelope Options dialog.

1.3.1 Set the appropriate options

1.3.2 Switch to tab Printing Options

1.3.3 Set the appropriate options and press OK

1.4 Press 'Add to document'.

1.5 Save the document using an easy to remember location and name (e.g. ..\My Documents\Envelope10.doc)

2. Use Access Mail Merge Wizard to create the saved mail merge process

2.1 Mail Merge > New > Envelope

This starts the Mail Merge Wizard.

2.1  Give a name to the process indicating the type of envelope that will be created.

2.2 Indicate if you want all records in the data source to be selected or only the current one (see also Select records to process / create documents from)

2.3 Check Print if you want the document directly to go to the printer

By setting a checkbox you indicate if you want to make use of one or more of the major additional processes, with additional tabs in the wizard appearing. These are discussed elsewhere (Automatic naming and storage of documentsCreating an Email)

2.4 Press Next button (->)

3.1 (optional keep or rename the template)

If the template already exists you will be asked if you want to use the existing one. If not, you will be asked if you want to overwrite it. If another process uses this template, you will be informed about it.

3.2 Specify the document or template you want to base the template on. This will be the one you made in step 1.

3.3 Press Next button (->)

4. Press the 'Create template and process' button. When the generation process is finished the Template Designer opens. It allows you to make the template as required by drag and dropping the mail merge address fields.

From now on the saved mail merge process is visible from the Mail Merge Selection dialog and can be started from there.