Customized reporting

On the reporting tab of the wizard you can select which template to use to make a report. You can combine the templates with a selected Configuration file to substitute certain parameters in the templates when using them in different contexts such as making comparisons for specific organizations or projects by different authors.

Report templates

Use report templates to:

You can edit the template in Notepad, or any HTML editor. To make a new template copy the original (VisualisationTemplate.htm or DifferenceTemplate.htm) which are located in the program's folder (usually C:\Program Files\4TOPS Compare Excel Files).

In the template you can use the following strings between curly brackets that may be used:

{hreffile1}: full path of file
{file1}: file name
{date}: today
{options}: text describing which choices were set for the comparison
{results}: the body of the report

Configuration file

The configuration file is a simple text file where you can specify for a certain parameter in the template which value it has to been substituted with when making a report. For example if you make a textfile config.txt with


in it, then all instances in the template of the parameter {Organization} get substituted by 4TOPS.

You can use multiple configuration files and use the one approprate for a specific run.

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